Style and Construction Type

There are many different styles and types of cabinetry. Whether you are looking for a clean line European cabinetry with flat slat doors and simple details, to carved applied moldings and elaborate crown and base moldings, you can achieve the look you want.

Many clients come in with their design ideas, not knowing exactly what they want. They just know the look or feel from a picture. We can help you define the type of cabinets that will give you the look and feel you would like to achieve.

Whether it is a European cabinet, face frame cabinet with overlay doors, or beaded face frame cabinet with full inset doors, we can help design the cabinetry or furniture you will enjoy for years to come.

Wood Selection

The wood selection for your project is a very important decision. There are many factors to consider in choosing your cabinetry materials.

  • The look… color and grain
  • The cost
  • Availability
  • FSE certified
  • Solid woods
  • Plywood
  • Veneers

Stain and Finish

Stain and finish considerations can be whether or not to stain, use an acrylic, a color, or a glaze, or even distress the wood, and so on. Wood Classics can accommodate many different types of custom finishes.

Trim Details

The trim details that match the look, style, and feel of your cabinets can make a big difference on the appearance of your new cabinetry. At Wood Classics we take pride in matching your trim to the look you would like to achieve. We achieve this effect with many stock and custom molding samples to choose from.


The cabinet interiors are standard maple plywood and produce a solid cabinet with strength and durability to give you lasting satisfaction for years to come.

Cabinet interiors are part of an efficient kitchen. The space within the cabinets can be equipped with items that can improve the efficiency and usability of the cabinet. We can install custom rollout shelves, spice racks, utensil drawers, drawer dividers, tray dividers, spice drawers, knife racks, and/or lazy susan corners. These are just a few of the items you can choose from to build in the function and efficiency you want for your cabinets. Whether you would like additional shelves in your upper cabinets or a pull out in the base of your cabinets, we can accommodate your cabinet storage needs.

We also build custom cabinetry for televisions, audio/visual equipment, or entertainment centers. We keep up with changing technology and keep your future needs in mind.


The hardware we use is of the highest quality and will give many years of proper functioning for your cabinets. Wood Classics uses Blum European hinges as well as quality decorative exposed hinges. The Blum hinges have a great reputation for a quality product and great service support which benefits both the client and the cabinet manufacturer.

Drawer Details

For drawers whether you would like a solid hardwood dovetail drawer or a plywood doweled drawer, you can count on quality. The drawers used in our cabinets are built to reflect the attention to detail you can expect from Wood Classics.


Wood Classics does not manufacture stone countertops. We can work directly with your stone supplier and installer to insure that the proper cabinet foundation is in place for a perfect stone installation. For the countertops we can create custom wood countertops. The design details of the countertops are always considered when we build the cabinets. We ensure that the countertop materials are supported properly and finished to the proper height are all key areas to focus on early in the design of your project. The edge details and countertop overhang are always considered when designing your custom cabinets.